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Bidirectional Support Gas Springs




No.1 Features and Application

Bidirectional Support Gas Springs are often used in the fields of vehicles, aircrafts, and fitness equipments. Our products can eliminate the noises and have the damping effect.

No.2 Buying Guide

According to the different designs, we support two models for you to select.

(1)Two piston rods are compressed in the same time. In this way, the piston rods and strengths about two rods are equal, and only having one extension force.

(2)Two piston rods are compressed in sequence. This design is more complicated. The piston rods and strengths about two rods can be selected with unequal parameters. Specifically, you may choose the parameters according to the following picture.


d1: left rod diameter d2: right rod diameter: tube diameter

S1: left stroke S2: right stroke L: extended length

F1: left extension force F2: right extension force


In this model, you have some more choices:

d1< or >or = d2 ,

S1<or >or= S2 ,

F1<or > or = F2



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