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More than 1000 specs gas springs,The precision : 0.5N, 0.05KG, 0.11lbs /0.001MM ,0.000393inch
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How to custom made gas springs(gas struts)

A if you have the drawing of the gas spring(gas struts) ,send the drawing to our email:


B if you have the sample of the gas spring, the best is that send the sample to our factory

C:if you don't have the sample or drawing ,we can help you making the gas spring drawing

Step 1: get the stroke length of the gas spring

Step 2: get the extended length of the gas spring

Step 3: get the force (F1) of the gas spring

F1=extension force piston rod extended
F2=extension force piston rod retracted
F3=compression force piston rod extended
F4=compression force piston rod retracted
Fr=friction force=F3-F1,F4-F2

Step 4: Tell us the extended speed of the gas spring (mm/second)

a:Quick Speed b:Middle Speed c:Slow Speed d:Soft stop