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   4 Special Gas Springs
   -- Gas Traction Springs
   -- Bidirectional Support
   -- Three-sect Strength Value


Features and Application

Traction gas spring also called Tension gas springs or pull type gas spring or reverse acting gas springs . The force on these springs pulls the piston rod inward(operating in the opposite direction of other standard gas springs).


Application on doors, lids, hatches and hoods which need keep closed when after out force stop..


Before pulled, the piston rod is inside the black cylinder , when we pull gas spring ,some part of the pistion rod become longer and outside the cylinder .And when after we release ,the pistion rod return inside the cylinder.


If you need to custom made a traction gas spring, you only tell us the following information, we custom made it free for you within 7 days before you place order.


1: storke length: ( the pistion rod pulled length)

2: pulled length: the length of the gas spring when the gas spring is pulled the max limited length

3: Force :(the force which pull the gas spring)

4: End fitting and connector of the gas spring




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