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   6 Hydraulic Hinges

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Product Description
This hinge can self closed, 80,000 times opening and closing.

Because of the function of hydraulic damper, it begins the damping result when the door is closed to certain angle, the door will close automatically and slowly. There is no ear-piercing sound of closing the door again. Furthermore, the product is with anti-collision function (Which can avoid the vibration of the grass door from hurting the person). Thus improves modern family's harmonious grade life. The life-span of the hydraulic hinge depends on the quality of the sealing property, our sealed result is 3-5 times of the general products, it can reach 100,000 times opening and closing, because we adopt unique sealed structure and our unique prescription of seal ring, This product had the Copyright Certificate issued by PRC Intellectual Property Office.

1)Material: Cold-rolled steel
2)Antirust protection layer, chromalized
3)Diameter of hinge cup: 35mm
4)Depth of hinge cup: 11.5mm
5)Opening angle: 110 degrees
6)Range of doors thickness: 14 - 24mm
7)Full overlay, half overlay, inset models available
8)Guarantee 80,000 times opening and closing

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