HXL GAS SPRING COMPANY ---- Manufacturer of CUSTOM adjustable force,support gas springs etc Based in China.
Cylinder Diameter
Rod Diameterer
The precision : 0.5N, 0.05KG, 0.11lbs /0.001MM ,0.000393inch  
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   1 Compression Gas Springs
   -Parameter of Compression Gas      Spring
   -Cabinets Lift
   -Bed Lift
   -Automotive Lift
   2 Lockable gas spring
   --parameter of lockable gas spring
   -- Medical Apparatus
   -- Fitness Equipment
   --Medical Wheel Chair
   3 Gas Cylinder
   4 Special Gas Springs
   -- Gas Traction Springs
   -- Bidirectional Support
   -- Three-sect Strength Value
   -5 Connector Series
   --End Fitting
   6 Hydraulic Hinges
   7 Door Closer
   8 Damper
   9 Free Custom Gas Springs
10 Tool box gas spring

Feature Products


3 version cabinet gas spring price form Usd 0.75 to Usd 1.1,

>>> more details about cabinet gas spring :

HaiXinLong (HXL) Gas Spring Company founded in 2000, located in the Beautiful city Xiamen , a big airport and seaport in China.The geographical position is superior and the company is equipped with rich capital.

Our mainly products is: compression gas spring, adjustable gas spring, tention gas spring,support bar gas spring ,etc------which is applied to different industries including car,aeroplane,steamer,premium furniture,medical equipment,household applicances,office equipment,vessel,printing,textile machine,sports equipment,home kitchen cabinet and multi-functional toolbox,etc..


We supply custom made service, made gas spring the same as your sample or drawing.You only tell us 1: extened length 2: Force 3: stroke length 4: end fitting 5: cylinder and rod diameter ,we can making sample within 5 days.

We import the gas spring technology from Germany,export our products to USA,Poland, Norway,Tailand,Korea,Japanese,Ukraine,etc.So our gas spring meet the standard of europe with thecertification of ,ISO9001.

Being the good quality ,competitive price, quick service,Allmost all of our customers place repeat order.


Our goal is" Both of us win,long and happy cooperation ",if you want to custom a gas spring ,or wantgood quality and competitive price ,welcome to contact with us.


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