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More than 1000 types specification
Stroke Length
Extended Length
Free type Lock type
The precision : 0.5N, 0.05KG, 0.11lbs /0.001MM ,0.000393inch  
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Custom Make Metal Stamping Parts

   1 Compression Gas Springs
   -Parameter of Compression Gas  Spring
   -Cabinets Lift
   -Bed Lift
   -Automotive or Truck lid supproting
   2 Locking gas spring
    --picture of lockale gas spring
    --parameter of lockable gas spring
    -- Medical Apparatus
    -- Fitness Equipment
    --Medical Wheel Chair
    --height controllable

   3 Gas Cylinder
   4 Special Gas Springs
   -- Gas Traction Springs
   -- Bidirectional Support
   -- Three-sect Strength Value
   -5 Connector Series
   --End Fitting


Ball Joints



Release Head

   6 Hydraulic Hinges
   7 Door Closer
   8 Damper
   9 Free Custom Gas Springs
10 Tool box gas spring
11 Big gas spring
12 Metal Stamping Parts











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